Improving Your Financial Health


  • Providing Hope and Empowerment for your family

  • Helping you avoid bankruptcy

  • Providing the tools you need to get out of debt … and stay out

  • Giving you the power to stop living paycheck to paycheck

  • Helping you build wealth

  • Educating the community about personal finance

Until several years ago my financial life was normal: credit cards, car loans, etc. My wife and I were saving money every month but I knew we would never get ahead financially by continuing on the same path. We needed to do something but we werent sure what. About that time, a coworker turned me on to a talk radio show that was saying what I needed to hear. The Dave Ramsey Show taught how to organize, plan, and get ahead financially. Dave also gave people hope that were in desperate financial situations by giving specific advice designed to change their future. As I listened, I found that all we really needed, to take our finances to the next level, was a plan. So for two years I listened and worked the common sense plan that Dave outlined. The plan worked! We were out of debt (except for our home) and our savings were growing like never before. During that same time period I discovered that I too had a passion for helping people with their finances.

I began educating myself about how money works in everyday life. Not paper money like the stock market or oil futures, real money the stuff you bring home in your paycheck and spend on food and fun. The more I learned, the more I realized that common sense isnt common any more at least when it comes to money. I am now a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor and my passion is to teach others the keys to financial freedom. My goal is to help you win with your finances and to give you hope. Hope in the knowledge that your financial future can be rewritten to include peace and freedom.

The Debt Doctor does not sell financial, investment, or insurance products. Our services are designed to help reduce your debt and gain freedom with your personal finances.

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